Frank A. Sloan on the Cost of Smoking

The Price of Smoking, Frank A. Sloan, the J. Alexander McMahon Professor of Economics and Public Policy Studies at Duke University.

May 18, 2005, Dr. Reese’s Economic Podcast via

Roughly 60 minutes, including Q & A from callers:
Initial remarks: 10 minutes 27 seconds.
More commentary from 21 minute mark to 29 minute mark.

Radio Interview of Sloane, about his recent book.

What is the present discounted value of the cost of smoking over one�s lifetime from age 24, where cost is defined as the average cost per person over the population, including those who quit?

Private PDV is estimated to be $171K

Initial definition of PDV could be clearer. (He makes a much better statement of it beginning at the 21 minute mark.)

Interesting interview, but too long for in-class use and pretty high noise to signal ratio for an out of class assignment.

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