A Surprise

Today is the first exam, the first opportunity to really see if the students are learning. This morning when I checked my email I found that 4 students had done 13 interactive quizzes last night. I my view, the quizzes were assessment devices, to enable students to figure out how well they were learning and to enable them to take action to correct any shortcomings. What these students did was likely not in this mold. Rather, I’d describe it as skills practice (practicing exam questions similar to those likely to be on the exam). In fact, one student who did the quizzes had already done them for credit before.

So my question is how do I treat these in my assessment of this experiment? The issue is not whether to give the students credit for the quizzes. Some students have already turned in the quizzes “late,” that is, past the due deadline. But it seems to me that those quizzes still fit the paradigm I imagined. These, while they may well improve students test scores, I think are different. (This sounds like an econometric problem to me.)

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