Why Didn’t You Submit Meta 2?

When I posted reviewing the second meta activity, I noted that seven students who had completed the first meta had not turned in the second. Since I was curious, I emailed each of them and asked. I’ve summarized the results as follows:

  • Five of the seven students mentioned lack of time, prior to midterms.
  • One said she misunderstood the due date.
  • One simply forgot to attach the document.
  • Four said they thought the activity was worthwhile, but one more said, given the time constraint and that he thought he understood the material already, he decided not to complete it. NB: He got an A- on the exam so this may have been a rational choice.
  • One said he felt intimidated by the answer I gave for the first meta.

Note: These sum to more than seven since some students said more than one thing.

I conclude from these remarks that the students haven’t rejected the concept of the meta activities. That’s good.

The actual responses are here, so feel free to analyze them yourself:

  • I found the first meta activity very useful but i just didn’t get around to the second one.
  • I just started a new job and have been swamped with work so I didn’t have time to get to it.
  • I actually did find the metacognitive activity helpful. I had emailed you last week about the second one, but you probably don’t remember. Last week I had projects, papers, and tests, as well as this week. I started the activity, but I never had the chance to finish it because I had to study for tests or write papers. Hopefully, for the future chapters I’ll be able to write them up again.
  • I started the other ones, and used them to study. But due mostly to having 5 other classes as well as yours, it would have taken too much time to try and refine them to my satisfaction. I do think they are worthwhile (not to mention extra credit is ALWAYS a good thing!) and plan on budgeting my time better so that I can complete them all. Sometimes it can be a bit redundant, I think, to try and find the same bits of information over and over again for an assignment, but I do understand what we’re supposed to get out of these activities. I hope that helps!
  • I actually misunderstood the assignment, so tried to both topics in one meta activity. So I had it ready for the due date of the first topic, but forgot to send it to you, so I sent it for the second topic’s due date. It was just a misunderstanding, but I planned on doing both.
  • i got your email before, i must have not sent the attachment the first time. Sorry i did not respond earlier, i have not checked my emails in while, here is my second meta #2. I have meta #3 on the way. I think that the metas are important because it can help you think abstractly about the concepts that we are learning in the topics. I think the frustrating part about the meta’s is knowing where to place each idea, but i think that frustration is good for the learning process.
  • I guess one of the reasons why i turned in the first and not the second activity, is that i was a little intimidated. The definitions that you offered for each of three catagories–theory, laws and concepts i think–made me overanalyze the assignment. I outlined the activity, but that took enough time and I wasnt sure how far in-depth i should go when filling in the outline. Also, i was busy and that was definately a factor, but at the same time felt that i grasped the concepts. Then again, the test results today might prove otherwise–I might be the one e-mailing you questions in a few days. Thank you for your interest though, and i really respect and enjoy your class.
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