New Insight on Blogging as a Tool for Learning

Martha just posted a very thoughtful reflection about how blogging can enhance student learning. The crux of her argument was this:

But more interesting to me … is the way in which blogging might have encouraged me to more thoroughly “fix” the knowledge I was generating. If these entries had been a part of a larger blog that recorded the intellectual development that I was experiencing in graduate school, I might be able now to recall how I had gotten to the words contained within them. By recording the intellectual process that I was going through, I might have made it more real for myself and, thus, more memorable. As it is, I can’t recognize any patterns of application of these ideas in my life today–perhaps because, I “lost” them in some sense.

How many times have you figured out something, that you meant to follow up on, but never got around to? But Martha doesn’t stop here. Rather, she seems to be illustrating a way of connecting classroom learning with the broader notions of meaning making and lifelong learning. Now there’s an idea.

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