Preliminary Evaluation of the Experiment — Part 2

In the previous posting I reflected on the changes in course content I made last semester. Here I want to comment on the meta activities.

One of the things I did over Winter Break was to analyze the frequency of student participation in the two types of meta activities: the abstract metas and the on-line quizzes. I describe the goals of the abstract metas here.

The results were a bit depressing.

Abstract Metas:
* Nearly 60% failed to participate (59% submitted 0-2 of 12 assignments).
* About a third participated moderately (34% submitted 3-6/12 times).
* Only 10% participated regularly (7-10/12 times).

On-line Quizzes:
*More than a third failed to participate (35% submitted 0-2 of 11 quizzes).
* About 40% participated moderately (submitting 3-6/11 quizzes).
* One quarter participated regularly (7-11/11 quizzes).

Still this should provide enough variation to obtain meaningful statistical results, when I finally get around to estimating them…

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