Reflections on the Interactive Quizzes

During the last week of classes, I noticed that a number of students were doing the interactive quizzes to study for the final. How do I know this? Well, because several of them were taking quizzes they’d already received credit for attempting early in the semester, so there was no “credit” at stake here. One student emailed me the following:

Professor Greenlaw, Wow, I did horrible on that test, I guess I’ll have to study that section some more. Most of the time I was torn between two and picked the wrong answer, but I’ll study [Chapter] 16 some more.

Clearly some students found the interactive quizzes useful. Indeed, on average students submitted more interactive quizzes than metacognitive activities. I certainly found them useful for determining how many students were doing the reading or not. I am assuming that if they did well on the quiz they probably read the chapter, though conceivably some may have taken the quiz to see if they needed to read the chapter. That could explain the handful of the really low scores.

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