Gregg Stull on What is Education?

Gregg Stull has joined the blogosphere with some very thoughtful reflections on liberal education at Greggrefle[x]. I particularly liked the way he defined education in his latest posting:

I believe a liberal arts education should keep your mind catapulting from one belief system to another as you discover that the world is filled with people who look, talk, act and believe very differently from yourself. At some point your education should be a catalyst for wondering what it is you really believe. In so doing, you create for yourself a rich opportunity to construct a value system and moral stance for yourself . . . drawing on all you know about the world in which you live, and all you know about the people who share that world with you.

College is an opportunity to discover yourself, to discover the people with whom you share this planet and to begin to understand the great wealth of difference that surrounds us. To surrender to your own fear of difference is to retreat to a world that looks ahead like what you’ve left behind. Isn’t educating yourself about expanding your world, deepening your understanding, accumulating experiences and embarking on all that is possible?
Our education has less to do with finding the answers than with growing comfortable with the uncertainty of the questions.

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