A Vision of University 2.0

Something is happening to the academy—outside the consciousness of the majority of its members. A new academy is forming that

* acknowledges the changes manifested in the Net Generation,
* uses the power of technology to enable deeper learning,
* demonstrates the interplay of culture and technology, and
* changes the nature of interaction among the members.

Some within the academy are aware of these trends, but view them with trepidation because they represent a fundamental change in well-established assumptions regarding how faculty teach and how students learn, not to mention how the academy governs itself. Not engaging in thoughtful self-examination, however, may pose the greater threat.

Thus begins Chapter 14 in Educating the Net Generation. This chapter, like the others I’ve blogged about, has a lot to offer folks interested in what University 2.0 might look like. I found the last sentence in the above quotation particularly thought provoking. I plan to blog about this in more detail soon.

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