Alan Levine’s Keynote at the 2007 Faculty Academy

Very intriguing introduction to a range of recent technologies, most of which I’d heard of but none of which I’m really familiar with. The best quote of the presentation (Thanks, Laura.) was:

Alan: You can’t figure this stuff out from the outside.

Gardner has tried to talk me into trying twitter, but it was only when I saw the posts popping up on the screen during the presentation that I felt compelled to give it a try, and in fact I signed up before the session was over.

Alan reiterated a point he made yesterday, that teaching is (or can be) a type of mashup or remix when we provide our interpretation of existing material.

One quibble: I didn’t take enough notes, so I’d love to see a list of the links he used in his presentation.

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  1. Angela says:

    One thing I loved about Alan’s talk is that it connected a lot of random dots in the vast stratosphere of technology. I agree–would love to see a list of his links!

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