Change and the 21st Century College Teacher: Deep Learning, Slow Blogging and the Tensions of Web 2.0

Steve Greenlaw

Barbara Ganley’s Argument for Blogging as an Intrinsic Element in Liberal Education

“Slow Blogging” – writing to learn in the blog medium. Drawing connections between things in one’s classes, things in one’s life, things in the world.

Blogging as a way to break down the walls between different courses.

Combining the formal and the informal, the personal and the scholarly.

“Slow blogging is both pleasurable and perilous.”

“Students don’t see their posts as messages in a bottle–they’re writing to real people.”

“We will shape the course as it shapes us.”

Superb address, I can’t possibly do it justice here. You’ll just have to wait until the recorded versions are available.

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