Second Assignment for this Week’s TLT Fellows Meeting

The second thing we were asked to do for this week’s meeting was to identify a couple of bloggers from our disciplines.

I can recommend four blogs:

1. Grasping Reality With Both Hands: Brad DeLong’s Semi-Daily Journal – Very high brow blog, world-class, Berkeley economist, writes about serious policy issues, sometimes ten pages worth per day.

2. Greg Mankiw’s Blog: Random Observations for Students of Economics – Another world-class economist, this one is from Harvard. Mankiw’s blog takes a more conversational tone, and seems to be a sophisticated ancillary to his very popular introductory economics text.

3. Marginal Revolution by Tyler Cowen and Alex Tabarrak. Both authors are from George Mason University. Among the first economic bloggers, and widely read as is evident by the number of ads the blog includes, Marginal Revolution is semi-high brow, focusing on political economy.

4. My personal favorite is Market Power: Selected Musings By an Academic Economist on the Power of Markets by Phil Miller.
Miller, from Minnesota State University, Mankato is, for lack of a better descriptor, a ordinary economist like most of the rest of us, which is part of what makes his posts interesting.

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  1. Gardner says:

    Great resources, Steve. Thanks.

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