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iTS or ItS?

Perhaps I’m in a funk but recently, I’ve felt compelled to criticize the thinking of some of my favorite class of colleagues: instructional technology folks. In a recent post, the Cog Dog argued that instructional technology staff, and by that … Continue reading

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Terry Dolson on Talking about Teaching

Terry Dolson at the University of Richmond is a thoughtful commentator on liberal education. Her recent post “On Faculty Development and Small Colleges” provides a compelling reason for developing intellectual community among faculty who value teaching. How you do it, … Continue reading

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New Frontier in Economics

One of the new frontiers in economics is Behavioral Economics, for which Daniel Kahneman and Vernon Smith won the Nobel Prize in 2002. Here’s a thoughtful and funny video which describes behavioral economics in contrast to the more traditional neoclassical … Continue reading

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Status Report

I’ve been nearly silent in this space this semester. I went six weeks without a post, though in truth, it feels longer than that. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to blog, but in January I was feeling totally buried … Continue reading

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What is a student’s job?

Shannon has another stunning post that I really want to see students respond to. But I don’t just want the usual suspects. That’s why I’m going to send a challenge to my first year advising group and see if they’ll … Continue reading

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Is this something the FSEM planners need to see?

Declining By Degrees Seems like a good use of $30. Thanks to Lanny for the heads-up.

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More on FSEM 2.0

When you teach an elective course, you can pretty much teach it as you like. The content and pedagogical approach are up to you. When you teach a required course or a prerequisite, you are expected to meet or at … Continue reading

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FSEM 2.0

For a couple of years, I’ve written about our institution’s pilot program to offer first year seminars. We have now made it a requirement as part of our general education curriculum. It’s not clear, though, that all our faculty really … Continue reading

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