Coincidence or small world?

Sometimes progress comes where you least expect it. Checking my twitter feed this morning, I noticed several tweets from someone I didn’t recognize. I clicked on the new tweeter, one Chris Jobling, and discovered that he teaches at the Swansea University in Wales. I thought I only knew one person at Swansea, Paul Latreille, who I met in conjunction with the Developments in Economics Education Conference in Cambridge (UK) last fall.

I went to Chris’ blog site (listed on his twitter profile page), and discovered that he is a long time blogger. In a recent post, he writes:

Swansea University, where I work, has quietly established a WordPress blogging system that anyone who has a University login can use to create a blog.

At the DEE Conference, I gave a presentation on using social software in teaching economics. I pointed out that the presentation was constructed on our homemade umwblogs system, and spent a fair amount of time talking to Paul about umwblogs.

Could my conversation have catalyzed Swansea’s adoption of a similar in-house WordPress blogging system? I wonder.

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3 Responses to Coincidence or small world?

  1. Jennifer says:

    The link to your presentation doesn’t seem to work – please fix because I’d love to see it!

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  3. Sorry to disappoint Steve, but the in-house WordPress system is a development independent of me (and hence you)! 😉 But I am now using it as part of our e-Learning Benchmarking exercise (which I’m currently heading as the Acting Chair of the university’s e-Learning Sub-Committee) – you can keep up-to-date with developments at the website address on this comment.

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