Injenuity on Barriers to Learning

Injenuity has an awesome post, which speaks to my previous post on change.

It made me think.

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2 Responses to Injenuity on Barriers to Learning

  1. Jami Bryan says:

    the post made me think too. i believe it is always useful to step back and really evaluate how we may be hindering progress.

    i think i am guilty, at a minimum, of spending valuable time arguing semantics. although i knew it got in the way of meeting productivity, i never thought of it as getting in the way of learning. hmmm.

    anyway, thanks for getting me to a post that got me thinking.

  2. Robert Rycroft says:

    While the post made me think, it made me think it is one of the more intolerant, arrogant postings I have ever read. “If you promote conferences and require presenters to solidify topics more than three months in advance, you are in the way of learning.” Really? That leaves the American Economic Association out. I can see holding off on the final version of your paper, but the TOPIC? Doesn’t organizing coherent sessions require that topics be known well in advance? “If you hate your job, you are in the way of learning.” What if you have crappy job?
    “If your students can’t tell you what they’ve learned (using their preferred media) you are in the way of learning.” Aren’t students sometimes to blame for their shortcomings? Isn’t written language more useful than, say, video to express certain ideas?

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