I’m Back

I thought I’d never write one of these posts. I always found it a bit odd and even unnecessary when people write these. But I feel the need to explain where I’ve been, and in some way, this may help me get back into the blogging saddle. So this post is really for me.

This has been a long, tough year for me. I’ve gotten a lot done, but also been party to some initiatives which didn’t work out. One of the side effects of this busyness was that I stopped blogging. I found I didn’t have time or energy for it. I also stopped reading blogs. I’ve missed both. But now I’m back.

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3 Responses to I’m Back

  1. Robert S Rycroft says:

    The world will be better!

  2. Gardner says:

    Thanks goodness for this. I’ve missed seeing you here.

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