It’s about people, not technology

Jim Groom posted a thoughtful reflection about this article by Gardner Campbell on the history of UMW Blogs in the latest issue of UMW Today.

For me, the money quote in Jim’s post is

I think what sets UMW apart from many a school is quite simple, early on Mary Washington made a conscious choice to invest in people rather than technologies.

When the trend is to make higher ed more efficient, it’s all too easy to forget that people, not just bodies but specific groups of committed, creative individuals, are what make or break an institution.  This is another piece of what I was trying to say  in my last post.  People aren’t commodities defined only by their CVs.  Rather, it’s the right group of people in the right time and place that matters.  We’ve been extremely fortunate to have had that at UMW over the last decade.  And that is the true legacy of Gardner and Chip German.

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