Conversations Among Scholars

This morning I had breakfast at Anita’s, my favorite New Mexican restaurant. The red chile sauce had a profound effect on my mind, with ideas bubbling out. So here goes… consider yourself warned.

One thing I find tremendously stimulating about academia is the ability to talk about high level intellectual topics (e.g. What is learning? What are appropriate standards of proof? etc.) with faculty in other disciplines. In my view, we don’t do enough of that.

It occurred to me that one way to prompt such discussion might be to invite colleagues to read and then discuss a scholarly book whose subject crosses disciplinary lines. I have read several of those this summer, but my current candidate is Jerome Bruner’s The Culture of Education. I suspect that scientists would find Bruner particularly thought-provoking. I would love to participate in that discussion.

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  1. Jeff says:

    I’m a big Anita’s fan too, so I understand your sentiments.

    I have two other suggestions for the interdisciplinary academic book club…. Gerald Graff’s Clueless in Academia and Sam Wineburg’s Historical Thinking and other Unnatural Acts.

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