Blogging as a Class

In a posting this summer, I mentioned my plan to assign students to blog as part of my research class. We’re now in our third week of it and it’s going pretty well. As might be expected, some students have really taken to blogging, while others do it reluctantly. While it’s early days yet, this is another reminder than one pedagogy needn’t work well for every student. Rather, it can be one more arrow in the teaching quiver. We’re using drupal as a platform and it seems to work very well, at least for our purposes. (Apologies to Brian Lamb.)

I had intended to blog along with the students, but I’ve actually taken it a step further. It occurred to me that I could model the parts of the research process they were involved in. So during the week we discussed selecting a research topic, I blogged about how I select one. When the class explored surveying the literature, I blogged about the idiosyncratic way that I do it. It’s actually rather fun to think more carefully about how I do research.

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