Print or Podcast?

I had been meaning to read Gardner’s article on podcasting in the latest Educause Review since it became available a couple of weeks ago. Because of all the things I’ve had going on, I haven’t managed to read it. Late today I thought–why not download the podcast version of the paper, which I proceeded to do.

I listened to it on the way home tonight. Very nice! I expected the content to be excellent which it was. If you want to learn about educational uses of podcasting, this is the place to go. I also noticed how good the sound quality was–I’ve been listening to a lot of podcasts over the last six months and not very many are like that when played over the car stereo. (By contrast, I subscribe to a podcast series of lectures from a major university whose sound quality is so poor that I’ve never gotten thru a single one of their podcasts yet.)

I plan on reading the text version soon and comparing the two presentations.

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