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Email to Students After the Second Exam:

I am interested in your reactions to the second exam which you took yesterday. What did you think of the exam? For example, several students mentioned to me that “they studied the wrong material.”

If you had any reactions, like that, or others, I’d really appreciate your letting me know what they were.

Agreement with the Sentiment: 10 responses

“I concur with that students statement. It felt like all the stuff I studied for was not on the exam either. There were no specific questions about the graphs or the equations we learned about. Hopefully I did okay.”

“In terms of the exam, i thought it was hard but if it was easy that would be no fun right? The second exam was different in style than the first exam but at the same time both exams had two totally different types of material- in terms of linear and abstract. In addition, the material on the second exam was more lecture based material so naturally the second exam would be focused on questsion based on lecture. However, studying purely by lecture notes in this class is kinda of hard, because it is hard to look at the book for further material. The exam was hard but i think it was fair. All the questions asked i am sure was material that was went over in class. I hope this doesn’t mess up any curve you had planned, if you had planned one, because i am sure i am going to need it!â€?

“I do feel that I studied the wrong material, or at least was unaware of the types of material I should have studied. For example, I was definitely caught off guard by the more current economics questions, and while I felt like I studied and knew the material we had covered fairly well, I was still unsure of the answers to a lot of questions.�

“Well I didn’t feel as though I studied the wrong material as much as that I studied the wrong aspect of the material. I was familiar with 90% of the concepts asked about, just not with the part you where asking for. For example I felt I had a strong grasp on everything to do with the classification of money, but with the $500 million dollar question I was at a lost.â€?

“I think most of the problems I had were that I studied more of the definitions and classifications of things than I did practical applications. I felt like I knew what the question was about, and what factors affected it, but couldn’t extract the ‘big idea,’ if that makes any sense. I don’t know if that means I studied the wrong material, or just studied wrong. Overall, I didn’t think the test was too terrible, but then I haven’t seen my grade yet! I hope this helps.â€?

“To prepare for the first and second exam I primarily studied the online quizes. This seemed to really prepare me for the first exam, but it seemed on the second quiz more of the questions were from notes than online quizes.�

“I felt like I studied mostly the right material. I thought that the last test had very specific questions so I tried to remember a lot of specific details. The questions on this test, though, were broader I guess so I just had to think of all the little things and put them together. I did over-study the last topic, what determines economic activity. I thought most of the questions would be on the big equation but barely any were. The questions that have answers I and II always mess me up and i thought they were the hardest questions on the test.�

“I did think that the second exam was a lot harder than the first, but I just figured that that had to do with it being all new material for me. I did think, however, that esp. with the income expenditure model that I knew the material from class notes and what not, but that the questions on the exam were different than what we went over in class. Maybe it was just me, I dont know.�

“I thought the exam wasn’t what I have expected to be. I expected be more technical and in-depth. For example, question 2 asks 2005 Nobel Prize in economics, which is irrelevant to what we have studied in class. I knew that Milton Friedman received a Nobel Prize in economics but this was the only hint I could get. Other four choices were guessing work. I am really disappointed in questions that tells you to determine I and II category if it is false or true. It is ambiguous. I am not harshly criticizing the exam but I believe exam should be more text based and techinical.”

“I definitely didn’t understand the material the way I thought I had. I had difficulty applying things.â€?

Material that Wasn’t Covered in Lectures or Texts: 5 responses (includes 1 above)

“I thought the test was fair on the whole, as there were concepts from the book and some from class. However, I found that several questions were either from material that was not discussed in class or not from the textbook. The question about the Nobel Prize, for example. As well as the question about Laissez-faire and Policy Activism. I have been to every class this semester and read every page assigned to me and I do not remember talking about either of those things in class or seeing them in the text. While the test did have many concepts that were covered, on a test with only 30 MC questions, I think it would be ideal if all the questions came from class or from the text. Like I said, for the most part, I felt as though the test questions were fair, however on a test where every question counts, every question should be “fair.” I don’t necessarily think I studied the wrong material, as I reviewed and re-read the book and notes from class, as well as doing the exercises from the workbook and the online quizzes for the chapters that were going to be on the test according to the syllabus. I simply think there were a few questions that were unfair in the sense that they did not encompass material covered either in class, in the book, in the workbook or on the online quizzes. While the test was relatively fair, there were several questions that were exceptions, and on a test where if 6 questions are missed your grade is a B-, every question counts and thus every question should relate to concepts, facts or theories that, according to the syllabus, we were supposed to know about for the test. Thanks for asking for my opinion, and I really appreciate you reading this long-winded e-mail!”

“The exam was, like you told us, fairly difficult. However, I thought I did study the right material. There were some questions, though, that showed up on the exam which we did not really discuss. For example, the questions concerning who won the Nobel Peace Prize, and whether Bush or Kerry believed in laissez-faire or policy actvism. These questions threw me off greatly. These were the only problems I encountered. Other than that, the content of the exam was what I expected. Thank you for allowing me to share my input with you.�

“I thought some of the questions took me by suprise like the ones about john kerry and george bushs views on economy, the nobel prize winner question, the fiat dollars, and the amount of time we spent on the aggregate supply/demand and the expenditure formula and so forth wasnt really reflected on the test.�

“I really did not keep up with George Bush and Kerry’s ideas on the economy, so that question really through me for a loop. Besides that the exam wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.â€?

General Complaints: 2 Responses

“Thank you for asking for our feedback and taking an interest in our opinions. I felt VERY unprepared for this test. It seemed that the heaviest information presented in this introductory class was crammed into an inadequate amount of time for successful application and digestion by those of us who are not economists or economic thinkers. In preparation for this test we were given no formal notes, information or a class review. We were left to abstract information from 5 topics, 70 pages in the book, 30 pages of handwritten class notes and a few handouts. That is alot of brand new material, theories and concepts to disect and decifer to what will be applicable on a 30 question test. I felt we were not given enough time or support to absorb, understand or apply all of this new information. I walked in on Wednesday feeling set up to fail.�

“I thought some of the material on the test was very tricky. I personally felt that there were a few trick questions on the exam. For instance, the true and false question about employment. I can’t exactly remember it, but it was something like ‘If unemployment increases, then the amount of jobs decreases.’ Something to that effect, but it didn’t specify whether you were talking about jobs AVAILABLE or just jobs in general. I’ll have to look at it again…so I can remember exactly what I was thinking haha. I studied a very long time for this exam (not just the night before) and there were definitely some questions that I know I got wrong. I don’t have a great feeling about it 🙁 “

Generally Favorable Comments: 7 responses

“I felt that the exam was fair and I didn’t feel like I studied the wrong material. I just read over the chapters from the topics online and studied my notes. Overall, I felt that the exam was fine and I hope I did well on it.â€?

“I think the test was fair…straight from the notes and from the additional material that you gave us on blackboard. You had to think about the questions and how they apply the theories instead of just regurgitating facts. However, the one about the noble prize in economics through me off, but it was just something i did not know.â€?

“XXX and I studied from your Study quide questions after each chapter… Alot of what was on the test came from those sheets. The test was a bit challenging… but that is what they are for. Most of the questions I was able to read the question and immediatly see the answer that I knew it was, others I had to think more about. Then again I have no idea how I did on the test. On the first test I had thought I did very well when actually I didnt do as well as I had thought. The test seemed fair though.â€?

“XXX and I did the study questions at the end of each course topic explanation page. Nothing seemed too out there. I also skimmed the book. To me it didnt seem like the wrong material, but we’ll find out tomorrow when I get my test back.â€?

“The exam was pretty much what I had expected. The questions seemed to come mostly from material we covered in class. I studied my notes from class and also the assigned chapters in the book that supplemented the lectures. Overall, the questions on the test seemed to be from information that I had seen before.�

“I didn’t think that the exam was that bad. I’m guessing that we did poorly or else you wouldn’t be asking… The only thing that I can say is that it seemed a bit more abstract than the last one, but I think that’s the nature of the material that we covered.â€?

“Well, I thought the test was pretty fair. The only thing that I thought tripped me up were the questions that said “Think carefully!” It made me second guess my answer and made me unsure of myself.â€?

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