Blogging Your Dissertation

When I started blogging, among the first topics I explored was the nature of blogs. One of the more interesting applications I discovered, and which I wrote about was blogging as a way of drafting research results.

Laura at Blogical Construction is taking it one step further: She is using the blog format to draft her doctoral dissertation. The topic is blogs as a tool to teach writing composition. As an instructional technologist with a background in [writing], she’s well qualified for this. One of her early points which resonated with me: “Blogging is more than writing. It is also reading and thinking critically.” Another thoughtful point: blogging includes reading blogs and submitting comments, as well as writing them. That means you lurkers are already blogging!

This idea is both incredibly cool–she’ll be getting way more comments on her dissertation draft than most of the rest of us ever did–but also incredibly gutsy. She shows the uncertainty of the research that all of us feel, but don’t admit publicly. By portraying this reality, she provides a genuine service to writing students! Seriously.

I’ve already subscribed to her rss feed and look forward to following her initiative. I even hope to comment some day. 😉

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  1. Laura says:

    Thanks, Steve. It is a scary process. I’m hoping to put a couple of drafts up soon. Like any risk one takes, sometimes the payoff is huge. I’ve “met” so many wonderful people by posting my dissertation stuff. They’ve sent me resources, made helpful comments, and have just generally been encouraging.

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