Hosting Another Faculty Conversation

About a month ago I mentioned that I was participating in our school’s new first year seminar program next year. In that post I asked for help designing a digital environment to support my seminar.

We took the first step towards that seminar program tonight with a meeting of the faculty who have signed up to teach. One of the issues raised was how we might coordinate our efforts to develop these courses.

A couple of weeks ago in a totally different context (really!) I posted a query asking how digital tools might support a group of faculty engaged in an extended asynchronous conversation. It occurs to me that the answer to that question could be relevant to our efforts to develop first year seminars.

In our meeting tonight, the group agreed to set up a wiki for this purpose. Okay, what actually happened was one of my colleagues suggested using a wiki, another said, isn’t that Steve’s line, and I admitted I could set one up.

But I wonder if this is the best solution. Might there not be another set-up that would be more effective for sharing ideas?

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