Regarding Gardner’s Reflection

Yesterday Gardner posted a remarkable reflection. In his post, he expressed a reluctance to blog about his personal experiences as a teacher, which I can sympathize with, but I hope he will continue to do so for several reasons. Such reflections reveal the intangible benefits of teaching and can help others understand why education can be such a transformative experience, for the students but also for the teacher. I treasure opportunities to see what respected peers are doing inside their classroom. How else can one learn the art and craft of teaching? (The alternative is to blunder around on one’s own.) Additionally, such posts remind us of what to work towards.

(Note to Economists: Yes, this is a good example of a positive externality where the product is underprovided since the provider doesn’t see the value it gives to others.)

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3 Responses to Regarding Gardner’s Reflection

  1. Gardner says:

    Well, I reckon I see it now. Thank goodness a blog was handy when I had the urge come over me.

    Thanks for the kind words, Steve. I will do more, I promise.

  2. rrycroft says:

    I guess that means we should subsidize Gardner.

  3. Steve says:

    I think it means we should encourage and support him.

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