Third Class — More Introduction to the Toolkit

Tuesday was another lab day in the first year seminar. In 75 minutes, we introduced the students to wikis, blog readers (in the form of bloglines), RSS, Tagging and social bookmarking (in the form of In retrospect, I have to say it was a bit much. At the end of the class the students had that deer-in-the-headlights look.

I wondered if we overdid it. To check that, I emailed a quick survey to the class asking if they found the session:

a. A bit overwhelming,

b. Not overwhelming,

c. Not sure.

The results were 8/2/3 with one not responding. Upon reflection, I decided that the fact that most found it overwhelming was not in and of itself a problem. We did, in fact, dump a whole lot of new stuff on them. The question is how they will handle it.

To address this concern, I spent the first five minutes today talking about Tuesday’s class, pointing out that I also found it a bit overwhelming. Then I pointed out that this was the kind of thing that one learns by doing and that I expected they would pick it up fairly quickly as we began using the tools. And I believe they will.

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  1. Robert Rycroft says:

    I would be interested in reading your response to this question. Your postings for the first two weeks of the class have placed heavy emphasis on teaching your students instructional technolgical skills. What has happened to instruction in the material that the course is supposed to be about–namely, globalization?

    Is your goal for the semester that students learn relatively more about “learning to learn” and relatively less about the substantive material, or will it all even out at the end?

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