Vetting the Product

Last week I observed that in my U2.0 teaching I haven’t been doing enough quality control. I’ve been changing the process of teaching/learning in my classes, but haven’t been vetting the product enough.

I’ve been working to improve that recently. Today I’ve been reviewing the wiki postings done by the students in my macro course. These are attempts to clean the wiki up, to answer the questions I didn’t get to in class, but which were raised by students, and to generally clarify the text. I made the effort to learn how to compare subsequent versions of the wiki so that now I can easily assess the contributions of the students. It makes sense to do this on a regular basis rather than waiting until the end of the semester. Two students are “responsible” for each chapter on the wiki, but all the students can contribute as they like. You can see one version of what it looks like here.

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