Preview of the 2007 UMW Faculty Academy

We’re only a little more than a month away from the twelfth annual Faculty Academy. If you’re not familiar with our annual teaching and learning with technology extravaganza, check out last year’s program. If you’re not an IT junkie, think about what I’ve taken away from each academy: It’s not the technology–it’s what the technology enables.

So what’s on tap at this year’s Academy? Every year, I wonder how we can come up with a set of speakers comparable to last year’s. Yet every year we do. This year our keynote speakers are:

* Barbara Ganley

Ganley, the mother of blogging in higher education, is Director, Project for Integrated Expression at Middlebury College. If you want to see what possibilities blogging offers to enhance student learning, check out her blog well as those of her students.

* Alan Levine

Levine, aka “the cogdog,” is Director of Member and Technology Resources at the New Media Consortium, where he is highly involved with the Emerging Technologies Initiative. One of his recent projects was the 2007 Horizon Report: Six Learning Technologies to Watch for Higher Ed.

* Karen Stephenson

Stephenson is a Harvard Ph.D. corporate anthropologist who studies social network analysis, most recently in higher education. More information is available on her website.

Of course, none of these brief descriptions do justice to the three speakers. To really understand what they have to offer, you’ll need to come listen.

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6 Responses to Preview of the 2007 UMW Faculty Academy

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  2. Laura says:

    When is it again? I definitely want to come if I can. Still waiting to see when the defense is.

  3. Steve says:

    Sorry Laura. The dates are May 16-17, Wednesday and Thursday.

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  5. catherine says:

    Olsi got really excited about this when I told him who the keynote speaker is & what she is speaking on. He is doing his thesis on Social Network Analysis & I have been instructed to make a transcript of the speech! Ha!

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