Faculty Academy, First Observations

Steve Greenlaw

Opening Session: Panel Discussion by the IT Fellows

I had heard the final presentations of this year’s IT Fellows, so I was familiar with much of what the panel presented today. I’d love to hear what others think about it though.

For me, the most interesting discussion came near the end when the participants responded to a question about assessment of their projects.

What I didn’t hear and think would be fascinating for a venue like the ELI would be the backstory to the first year of the IT Fellows Program–How did the program work? How did the community of IT Fellows develop. What went well? What went less well? What surprises were there? I wonder how the Program per se will be assessed. This is, of course, a bigger issue than assessing the individual projects. My take on this program was that it was an attempt to try a novel way to interest new faculty in incorporating instructional technology into their teaching. My sense, as an outsider, was that this worked very well, at least for a the first cohort of fellows.

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