New Media Final Projects Session: A Comment

Jeff recently blogged on the final project in Gardner’s New Media course. Gardner’s discussion is here. Talk about taking it to another level–wow! I’m sorry I missed it.

Jeff talked about the energy generated by this project, both for the participants and him. But then he notes, apologetically:

The reality check is that not every day feels like this in this job. There are days when I would love to have 1/10 of the energy I felt tonight. There are conversations with colleagues or students that leave me drained, not inspired. There are days I plod along, rather than lead and innovate. I know that.

I don’t think any apology or qualification is necessary. As I noted here, we couldn’t stand having every day as energized as this one was. We only need them often enough to keep school “sticky”.

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  1. Martha says:

    Some days, I think I could stand it. But maybe I should be careful what I wish for. . .

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