UMWBlogs, Baby; They’re taking over!

I was reading the first metacognitive activity submitted by students in my intro course, prior to discussing it tomorrow. (I’ve decided to move that discussion outside of class time to avoid the potential problems I ran into last year. I’m meeting with any student who turned in the meta after my last class, the meta being the entry fee.)

So I opened the next student’s email containing, I supposed, their meta. I was pleasantly surprised to read:

Hey Dr. Greenlaw,

I have my first Meta complete now. It’s in the form of a UMWblog, and all the other Meta assignments will be posted on the blog.


I opened the link in my browser and discovered an incredibly creative and thoughtful submission, which I commend to your review.

What was particularly interesting about this was that I haven’t said a thing about blogs this semester, other than to build the course website on a WordPress platform. So the students aren’t supposed to be blogging for me. This student just decided to do it anyway. Fascinating!

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2 Responses to UMWBlogs, Baby; They’re taking over!

  1. Andy Rush says:

    Did you actually use the word “Baby” in your post title? Wow, Jim has had more of an influence on you than I thought.

    Anyway, this IS really cool!

  2. Gardner says:

    This wouldn’t be David Moore by any chance, would it? If so, fasten your seat belt. This guy’s Autobahn ready. I’ve had him for two classes and I can tell you he’s Autobahn ready. More evidence: here’s his blog from the New Media Studies class this summer.

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