Comment on “Bring Us Your Fear”

I read Martha’s post “Bring Us Your Fear” and emailed a comment to Martha. She asked me to blog it so here it is:

I wanted to comment on your post but didn’t because I couldn’t think of any way to say what I want to say without sounding self-serving, so I figured I’d just email you and you can do with this what you will.

I am intrigued by this fear of change/ fear of using technology thing. I know it’s there. I’ve seen it in the eyes of colleagues, but I don’t get it. For me, a new technology is either interesting or it’s not. If it’s not interesting, I ignore it. (Tenured faculty can generally do that.) If it’s interesting, I can think of a way to use it in teaching, learning or thinking. And so I give it a try. Sometimes I’m wrong. But even when it doesn’t work out the way I anticipated, I usually see something unexpected that still makes it interesting. This change or new technology for me is what makes my job continually interesting. It’s as if my job changes over time, which is for me, fun. I think that if I was stuck doing the same thing all the time, teaching the same course in the same way each semester, I’d get bored.

I also like the idea of being part of the team of folks on the frontier of learning about technology. I never felt this way about my economics research. But I don’t think this can explain my apparent lack of fear entirely, because I was interested in technology before DTLT even existed.

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