A Moment’s Reflection

I needed a booster shot today. One day left before Fall break. One short topic to cover: Introduction to Macro proper. It’s material that’s not really covered in the book. I looked over my notes and wondered, “Can I complete this in a day”? Something nagged at me. I went back and reread an earlier posting about my rules for teaching this course. Most of this material is easily understandable, so according to my rules I needn’t lecture on it. I decided I will provide my notes to the students (via Blackboard) as supplementary material. I will spend some time introducing it to the students, but won’t worry about “getting it all done.” I’ll spend the rest of class doing some training for the next meta activity. They still need practice with that.

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  1. Gardner says:

    Funny, something similar happened to me the other day in my Film Studies class. I didn’t get to all the scenes I wanted to discuss with them, though I did get to a good discussion of what seemed to me to be the heart of the film. Still, I was frustrated. So I impulsively decided to put all my class notes–the little outline and annotations I prepare for discussing the film moment-by-moment– up on the discussion forum. Why not? But I’ve sure never done *that* before.

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