A Conceptual Framework?

I participated in OpenLearning17 and am back for OpenLearning18.  Why you ask?  Because I learned enough last year to articulate better questions this year.  Last year, I went in somewhat blind.  (There might be something we can learn as teachers here
about the experience of our students.) This year, I have a much better sense of what’s in store for me and how to get the most out of it.

To prepare for Week 1, I read the excerpts from Doug Englebart, “Augmenting Human Intellect“.  When I’ve read it before, I found it to be powerful but abstract.  This time around, though, I saw it as a conceptual framework for OpenLearning18.  Which is to say, my experience last year helped me understand what Englebart was saying in 1962.  And what Englebart said, has informed me about what we will be doing starting tomorrow.

Image Credit: Alex Handy from Oakland, Nmibia – Dr. Douglas C. Engelbart Uploaded by Edward

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2 Responses to A Conceptual Framework?

  1. You know this post delights me! Engelbart’s work just gets richer and richer the more you read it. I’m very glad his ideas are becoming part of the way you see our digital world–and I know they’ll help you see what’s missing in this unfinished revolution, just as they have for me.

  2. Sue Erickson says:

    I agree that when we come into something like OpenLearning18 (or as the case was for us, OpenLearning17), we are reminded of what it feels like to be a novice. I found that the experience of feeling lost, not understanding all the concepts and how they were connected, and learning as I went along helped me reinvigorate empathy for our students. It’s really uncomfortable to feel like you don’t know what you are doing or even whether you are doing the “right stuff.”

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